Paranormal City's Mark Ryan Interview on songwriting, debut album, next EP, touring the UK, Girlfriends and discipline. 

Hello Paranormal City how are you?

I'm great thanks how are you?

Fine. When did you begin music?

I was doing music my whole life, always in plays, choir and playing small instruments mainly for traditional irish music. I started to do piano and guitar at eleven and started writing at 12 years old. And starting producing at 14.

Ah! I see, how interesting, but what inspired you?

Friends and family, as I said it was only a hobby, no matter who you are in Ireland, you're taught somehow in school to learn traditional songs, instruments, and people who I looked up to, mainly as famous artists gave me caroage to actually go after it, you know.

Who are these Artists?

Nirvana, The Distillers, Marilyn Manson, Morrison, Daniel Johnston, Brody Dalle, Owl City, Benn Jordan, Marina And The Diamonds, Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Bobby Brown, Jesse McCartney (lol) Everyone really.

What where your first songs about?

Love and things like that

What are you songs about now?

Love and dreams of stuff like that. A lot of fantasy based stuff. 

Why not reality?

My reality is just work and travel. So my fantasies are where I escape. Like playing a character and getting lost in a role, it's a lot like that in a song. you don't have to be in a relationship, or even ever, experience a relationship to write a love song. 

Do you not want relationships?

At this age, I find there's nothing wrong with chastity or celibacy. Some would say extreme, but I'm not letting a career opportunity slip because of a primal urge. I don't mean to offend anyone. I haven't had much opportunities, or been the lucky one to be picked when applying to the opportunity and little to no support ever came when I pursue all the touring, writing, recording, mostly on my own, I also run a YouTube and social media is a business at the end of the day, it's got to be oiled like a fine machine, and the workers need to rise early and work till early morning. I have no time for me, time is against me. But I get it done and that's a sacrifice I suppose but with another billion people trying to get exactly what you want, with added opportunity, I feel like I don't deserve to ever lay back and develop personally. Others can, they have the security of others help, I'm really kinda alone. For now, and hopefully when I get people who care around me, I can start to prioritized myself and my own personal desires.

Oh, I see. Do you see yourself having any opportunity?

Yes, I have plenty, I just have to take them differently than most people, it's different, but it can happen.

What are your long time goals?

To be happy, have a good life, to spread awareness of good ethics of the environment and hoping people can inspire good mental health and if I can.

Anything you're really excited for?

I'm excited to go to London again, just to be there, will be fun.

Awesome, best of luck

Thank you!